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Recently Addicted2Success attended Pause Fest, which is a creative tech convention that plenty of entrepreneurs attend. I changed into lucky enough to seize up on the convention with Julie Stevanja, who’s the founding father of the very well known women’s activewear website Stylerunner.

Julie’s business is an Australian icon because it grew 30%-50% month on month within the first few years and this has ended in her startup now being valued ten’s of tens of millions of bucks.

A lot of that achievement has been because of the extra than 450K of followers that the logo attracts and the eye-catching web presence that is hard to keep away from.

Check out my interview with Julie on YouTube underneath.Here are 7 takeaways from Julie Stevanja’s interview:1. Know if you want to be an entrepreneur

One of the keys to starting an internet business that Julie taught me is to first of all workout if you need to be an entrepreneur. Now we all know this, however what Julie taught me is that while you begin to come to be eager to do some thing extra creative, that’s a surely incredible sign which you likely have the entrepreneur bug.

I frequently tell humans that with all of the automation happening within the financial system, the one scarce aid is creativity that is normally entrepreneurship. Julie recommends that if this occurs to you, attempt operating in a tech startup like she did for a few years to gain some expertise, then don’t forget beginning a web commercial enterprise.

2. Find a spot

The mystery sauce to Stylerunner inside the early days became that fashion changed into crowded, however what Julie located become that there was no area of interest within this class that did girls’s lively put on nicely. The mistake quite a few marketers make is they select a crowded category to release a enterprise into.

To locate the area of interest that would give you the results you want, begin looking at blogs, social media, and different on-line companies. Think about your area of interest from the consumer point of view. Is there something which you have to buy that is constantly hard to locate on-line, or that is executed poorly?

Once you find your area of interest, release with a very lean product, take a look at the market after which iterate your product primarily based on client remarks.

3. You don’t want to have a tech historical past

One of the primary things I observed approximately Julie was that she began a web enterprise with no tech background. She did what most human beings aren’t organized to do and jumped immediately into the deep cease. If you don’t have tech knowledge, you may construct it by bringing it into your team.

In Julie’s case, early on, she used a freelancer platform to construct her first website that changed into very primary. Once she had some thing up at the web, she then spoke with internet developers on the reasonably-priced side and the steeply-priced facet.

She spoke with as many as she could to then drill down to the principle concepts they were all saying. From there, she commenced work on a higher web page the usage of what she had learned.

“Every hassle has an answer” – Julie Stevanja

4. Use social proof to sell products

Upon searching at Stylerunners Instagram account, it’s very clean that Julie is familiar with social proofing. Social evidence makes clients experience like other people like Stylerunner’s products, and they’re no longer on my own.

Many of the images that Stylerunner uses are taken by way of different Instagrammers and people that appear true, and relatable. These pix make it very easy to see what the energetic wear may appear like on a real character who is not a twiglet.

Stylerunner’s social media displays a community and not just a brand or product. If you could achieve this goal along with your very own online commercial enterprise, then you’ll be nicely in your manner to having a a success startup.

“If some thing doesn’t work that’s information” – Julie Stevanja

5. Try a few easy social media hints

Julie taught me a few simply quick and smooth tips that work nicely for most of the social media systems. She said in all content you should have a call to movement. So if you use Instagram, then your image description need to have a query to get people speakme about your publish.

We all suppose we understand how essential content material is for growing an internet commercial enterprise, however Julie says you want to move the more mile. The best content that goes viral is a publish where you go out of your way to create cost. If that price is applicable on your quit purchaser as properly, then you’ll see an increase in income from it.

The easy way to check if a social media publish works is by seeing what number of likes and feedback it gets. Over time, you may discern out what’s operating and what’s now not, and then you could regulate your social media method for that reason.

6. Build relationships with buyers early

Dealing with Venture Capital or Private Equity companies can be a mission and if you need to scale your online commercial enterprise later on, you need to recognize the way to address them. Julie explains that a dating with an investor is a piece like a wedding; you are going to spend lots of time with them so you ought to make sure you want them and you sense they are correct for your startup.

Start by means of developing a wishlist of traders (use your competition buyers if you don’t realize any) and then introduce yourself to each of them. “You ought to try this early on” Julie explains, “otherwise, if you wait till you want them to invest, they’ll know not anything approximately you, and so they’re not likely to put cash in.”

Julie described it to me like this; buyers are a bit like converting clients in your website. You want to have a massive funnel of them initially because just a few of them will convert. Investors are also like customers within the feel that they too want social proof.

If your funnel of investors is too small, then an investor might be questioning why there aren’t any other interested traders. So, to sum up, engage buyers early on, and ship them regular updates of ways your on line commercial enterprise is monitoring.

7. Get some practical education

In Julie’s case, she has a conventional commercial enterprise degree however what she determined is that the education she did turned into missing quite a few sensible recommendation. The fundamentals of putting in a business and handling it day after day had been simply not blanketed so Julie joined an unconventional entrepreneur direction run through The Entourage.

She said that the advantage changed into now not handiest the understanding however the opportunity to construct a network of first rate marketers and thought leaders. These people are going thru the identical struggle so as to frequently help with notably applicable answers.

Now if unconventional entrepreneur education isn’t for you, then there are lots of different methods to meet like-minded marketers, you simply ought to put your self obtainable!

Check out Julie’s startup Stylerunner to find out more about her agency or observe @Stylerunner on Instagram

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