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2021 Update:

In order to offer ecommerce marketers with all of the records they need to be triumphant with their Amazon ventures—from launch, to first sale, to growth and scaling—we’ve updated our content material for 2021.

This consists of new statistics on the long-time period achievement of Amazon sellers who released their corporations with little to no cash. Spoiler alert: selling on Amazon remains a worthwhile project for aspiring entrepreneurs with minimal startup capital. Read on to research why.

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Did that you could get started out selling on Amazon practically without spending a dime? This article will train you the entirety you want to realize which will get began promoting on Amazon while not having to open your pockets.

Then, after you’ve gotten a experience for how Amazon works, you could begin making an investment a little more into your commercial enterprise.

Let’s check how you can get began on Amazon without spending a dime.

How to promote on Amazon for free (in four easy steps)

To get started out selling on Amazon, all it takes is four easy steps:


  • Find a free product to promote. If you’re like me, probabilities are you have got a group of stuff lying round your private home gathering dust. Why no longer promote it on Amazon?
  • Create a unfastened Amazon account. Creating an individual vendor account on Amazon charges you actually not anything. All you want is to present Amazon a little information and also you’re properly to head.
  • List your product on Amazon without cost.’s product database has greater than 166 million products. Therefore, possibilities are top that anything you wish to sell is already indexed. If it is, all you’ll should do is add your name to the list of dealers already supplying the product.
  • Ship the product when it sells. Once you make the sale on Amazon, all you need to do is deliver the product to the quit person.


Does it cost money to sell on Amazon?

While selling on Amazon can price cash, it is viable to do it at no cost (or, fewer dimes than you may count on).

In truth, in a survey of over 4,000 Amazon dealers, Jungle Scout found that dealers who commenced with much less cash located achievement in the long run.

  • 63% of dealers who began with $500 or less were selling for three years or longer
  • 33% of dealers who started with $500 or less earn $5,000 or more in line with month

Sellers who commenced small have loads to say about what they’ve carried out thanks to their achievement on Amazon. So far, they’ve completed:

  • “Huge retirement financial savings, paid off house, buy vehicles with cash, journey first elegance.”
  • “I changed into capable of stay home with my youngsters until my youngest started out kindergarten.”
  • “Quit my complete-time process in 2018. Tripled my profits.”

So, when beginning out there are primary prices you want to don’t forget: charges and the price of your merchandise.

What are Amazon’s prices?

The main expenses you’ll want to difficulty your self with are:

  • Referral expenses are Amazon’s commission (normally around 15% of the income price).
  • Individual in line with-object prices are flat fees you pay in case you aren’t a expert supplier; you may ought to pay $0.99 in keeping with item you promote.

Both of these prices are taken out after you are making the sale. Therefore, you received’t ought to pay them up the front.

Note: There are a few different Amazon charges, but so long as you start off as an individual seller — a seller who sells fewer than forty products per month — you received’t need to fear about those simply but.

How to find a loose product to sell on Amazon

If you’re simply starting out and are worried about keeping expenses low, we endorse finding used items around your own home to promote.

Used books, kitchen objects, toys, and from time to time even electronics are all outstanding items that you could locate around your house. You can quick listing these items on Amazon and if they’re popular sufficient, might promote almost at once after you listing them.

Alternatively, you can make your own products. If you’ve got a knack for crafting and layout, recall Amazon Handmade and/or Merch through Amazon.

With Handmade, your product fees are the materials you use to create your items. With Merch, other than your time, there are no in advance expenses.

How do in case your product will promote on Amazon?

Before you listing your product on Amazon, you want to make certain that it will absolutely promote. Fortunately, Amazon gives a way as a way to “tell the future” so to talk. Here’s how:

1. Check the product’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Amazon awards almost each unmarried product in its 166 million product database a unique rating known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Products have a BSR for every category they’re indexed in.

And the decrease a product’s BSR, the better it sells. A product with a BSR of #1 will likely sell thousands of gadgets in keeping with month as opposed to a product with a BSR of #300,000 which might handiest promote a handful of gadgets in the identical time period.

When you’re sourcing and listing your products, be sure to check the product’s BSR. You can discover it at the product list page in the Description phase. If it’s low (or proper), it could be an amazing opportunity for you to upload your product to the listing to try and promote.


2. Estimate your income

Put the item’s BSR into Jungle Scout’s free Amazon Sales Estimator, which calculates the common number of income the product ought to have every month.

Consider the usage of Jungle Scout’s all-in-one platform for promoting on Amazon, which offers a full suite of solutions you can use to begin selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scout includes the subsequent gear which allow you to build your Amazon business:

  • Product research equipment that will help you quick locate worthwhile merchandise to promote on Amazon
  • Keyword Scout to help you discover excessive-appearing keywords
  • Supplier Database that will help you discover producers to create your products
  • Alerts that notify you about adjustments in your listings, opinions, or whilst different sellers price their products lower than yours

3. Estimate how speedy your product will promote

Once you recognize your product’s BSR and the average number of month-to-month income that product makes, clearly divide the average wide variety of month-to-month income by using 30.

The result is the wide variety of instances consistent with day that product sells on Amazon.

So if you sell a product that sells 10 units consistent with day (three hundred according to month), possibilities are quite precise that your product will promote the primary day you listing it.

How do I create a free Amazon account?

First, examine all you want to realize approximately the way to create an Amazon seller account.

And then, when you’re given the selection among the expert seller account and individual seller account, pick the person seller account.

If you select the expert supplier account, there may be a $39.99 subscription charge. As an character vendor, there may be no monthly subscription.

How to listing a product on Amazon without cost (in three quick steps)?

As referred to above, almost each product you may probably consider may be discovered on Amazon.

So, until you are selling a cutting-edge product that has by no means been visible earlier than, together with a handmade product or a product you manufactured, all you need to do to listing a product on Amazon is discover the present product’s list.

And the quickest manner to do that is to certainly visit Amazon just like you’ll if you had been buying.

1. Find the product’s web page on Amazon

In the hunt bar, type in the product which you desire to sell. You can supply an outline of the product or you could kind in the product’s UPC (or ISBN if it is a book). You may ought to scroll through the quest options to locate the exact product that you wish to list.

2. Click the ‘Sell on Amazon’ button

Once you locate your product, at the proper facet of the display just underneath the product’s Buy Box, you may see a gray button that reads ‘Sell on Amazon.’


three. Enter in your product’s statistics

After you click on the button, Amazon requests the subsequent data about your product:

  • Condition: If you’re promoting a new object, the circumstance is New. Otherwise, use Amazon’s circumstance pointers to determine the excellent of the used product you are promoting.
  • Price: Unless your product is in better circumstance than the others indexed, likely, you want to provide the lowest price available. Usually, Amazon offers you a price proposal that would make your fee the lowest.
  • Quantity: How many copies of the product do you have got for sale? If you have handiest one, you could depart this blank. Otherwise, input the whole.
  • Fulfillment method: How will you send the product to the client as soon as it sells? There are two approaches to do that which we describe underneath.

After that, click ‘Save and Finish.’ Usually, your product seems on the product’s list web page within two hours.

How do I satisfy/ship a product once it sells on Amazon?

Okay, you’ve made a sale! Now what? Time to ship.

And although you may’t certainly “ship without spending a dime” with Amazon, there are various of factors you may do to maintain costs down.

Here are a few guidelines:

1. Use packing substances you have already got

If you’re like me, you probable have tons of boxes mendacity round — likely even Amazon bins! Reuse the ones bins, plus any packing contents that came with them, together with air pillows, packing peanuts, or shredded paper. Just ensure you don’t have old labels on the containers and that they may be in suitable circumstance.

2. Sell lightweight and small merchandise

The smaller the product you sell, the lower your transport expenses will be. This is specifically real with merchandise like books and media products. Thanks to USPS Media Mail, you could deliver a e book that weighs much less than 1 pound for much less than $three.00.

3. Use Amazon’s Fulfillment by way of Amazon (FBA) program

Did that Amazon will truely maintain your merchandise for you and deliver them when they promote? Amazon does this as a part of their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.

Not only that, however the fee for Amazon to do this is often less than what it might value you have been you to do it yourself.

Plus, Amazon deducts the transport expenses from your budget as though it were a charge. That way, you could get round having to spend money out of pocket to deliver the products you promote.

All you have to do is deliver your products to Amazon and Amazon handles it from there.

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